What Crops Are Grown in Jamaica?

Monty Rakusen/Cultura/Getty Images

Sugar is the main crop in Jamaica. Other major crops include bananas, coffee, cocoa, coconuts and citrus fruits. Jamaicans farmers also grow pimento, tobacco, ginger, sisal and rice. Additionally, the government actively promotes the cultivation of vegetable gardens.

Sugar is grown on many parts of the island, and it accounts for a significant percentage of Jamaica’s agricultural exports. It is not only sold in its raw form, but is also used in the production of other major Jamaican exports, such as rum and molasses.

Bananas are another leading export product, and they also form an integral part of the Jamaican diet. Jamaican coffee grown in the Blue Mountain region is world-renowned for its flavor. Cocoa is also grown throughout the island. Although Jamaican coconuts were formerly sent directly to food markets, as of 2014 they are mainly used in factories for the production of edible oil, soap, lard and margarine. Citrus fruits grown in Jamaica include oranges, lemons and grapefruit.

Because the amount of food that Jamaica imports creates a significant drain on the national economy, the government encourages the cultivation of food crops on portions of unused land. Seed kits are distributed to promote the backyard farming of greens, cabbage, peppers, carrots and other garden vegetables.