What Are Some Countries Whose Names Begin With the Letter “F?”

Adam Selwood/CC-BY 2.0

Some countries that begin with the letter F are Fiji, Finland and France. Both Finland and France are located in Europe, with Finland in the north of the continent and France in the west. Fiji is located in the South Pacific, just north of New Zealand.

Finland is one of the northernmost countries in the world. The country covers more than 130,000 square miles. This country is rich in coniferous trees and lakes. Because the country is so far north, it has a short growing season. However, it has a thriving agricultural industry including potatoes, sugar beets, barley and wheat.

France, also located in Europe, covers 248,000 square miles. The climate varies from temperate to Mediterranean. In northern France the winters and summer are quite mild, while the south of France along the Mediterranean Sea has hotter summers and some strong mistral winds. The geography in France is mostly hilly with some more mountainous terrain close to the Pyrenees and Alps mountain ranges.

Fiji is an island country that is made up of 332 islands, one-third of which are inhabited. The 332 islands, along with the 500 islets that are included in the country, covers 7,100 square miles. The islands were largely formed by volcanic activity.