What Countries Are in the Far East?

Luke Ma/CC-BY 2.0

Countries that are in the Far East include China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Taiwan, the Philippines and Indonesia. The Far East also describes Southeast Asia, which includes such countries as Laos, Cambodia, Singapore and Vietnam.

Far East is an encompassing term that primarily describes East Asia, otherwise known as Northeast Asia. Certain parts of Russia are also considered part of the northeast, including Siberia. Northeast Asia generally refers to China, and the region is considered a bustling center of economic activity.

The term may also refer to countries that are east of Afghanistan. The Far East was a term coined in the 12th century to identify nations that are farthest from the Near East and the Middle East. The Near East described the Ottoman Empire. People who lived under the British Empire also used the term to refer to India.

Far East is also used as a cultural term. For instance, Australia and New Zealand are not part of the Far East, even though these nations lie beyond East Asia. This is because the people who live in Far East nations do not consider themselves to be part of a Far East region. The term East Asia is considered a more politically correct term, as it strips away Europe’s status as the center of the world.