Which Countries Are in the Eastern Hemisphere?

Tara Moore/Taxi/Getty Images

Countries in the Eastern Hemisphere include Germany, Romania, Poland, Egypt, China, Japan, North Korea, Afghanistan, Iran, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Countries that are located in both the Eastern Hemisphere and the Western Hemisphere include the United States, Russia, Spain, France, Kiribati and the United Kingdom.

Alaska’s Aleutian Islands intersect the 180th Meridian, placing the United States in both meridians. The only country that exists in all four hemispheres is Kiribati. The Eastern Hemisphere was established at the International Meridian Conference held in 1884 in the United States. The Eastern Hemisphere is defined by the space east of the Prime Meridian and west of the 180th Meridian. The Eastern Hemisphere contains more landmass than the Western Hemisphere.