What Countries Did Julius Caesar Conquer?

Gaius Julius Caesar conquered Spain and Gaul, which later became France and Belgium. Caesar is known to have been a dictator and one of the most successful Roman leaders, even though he ruled for a short period of time.

In the year 61 B.C., Julius Caesar became the governor of Spain after winning several military campaigns. Being well educated and skilled in the art of politics, the leader easily became popular throughout Rome. He also won a lot of soldiers over since he was wealthy enough to pay them in gold and land.

In 59 B.C., Caesar was elected a consul and his popularity grew even more. His ambitions led him to mobilize an army, which then marched into Gaul where he became governor after defeating the armies there.

In 45 B.C., he won the title of dictator for life, and this led to a rebellion within the senate itself. It was in the year 44 B.C. that members of the senate who had conspired to kill him carried out their plans, with each one taking a turn to stab him to death. After the death of Gaius Julius Caesar, the Roman republic was changed into the Roman Empire.