What Countries Begin With the Letter “O”?

Ania Blazejewska/Moment/Getty Images

Oman is the only country in the world that begins with the letter “O.” It is a small country in Northern Africa that is bordered by the Indian Ocean.

Oman is a strong Middle Eastern country that thrives off of the trade from the nearby Indian Ocean. The country has trade agreements with many different countries, including Great Britain. The majority of people who live in Oman are Arabic or South Asian. The official language of the country is Arabic, but many of the people within the country also speak English as a second language. Around 85 percent of the country is Muslim with Christianity being the second highest religion in the country. The country is made up of slightly more than 30 percent of immigrants.

The life expectancy of most people who live in Oman is in the mid-70s. Men tend to live longer than women and women have an average of two children per family. Urban drinking water along with other drinking water sources have been improved in time, which has helped increase the instances of children surviving past birth and women surviving childbirth. The country is one that is in developmental stages, but has been developing at a faster than normal rate since it was officially recognized as an independent country.