What Is the Climate Like in the Rainforest?

Justin Lewis/Taxi/Getty Images

In tropical rainforests, the climate is usually hot and wet year-round. In temperate rainforests, average temperatures range from 40 degrees Fahrenheit up to the mid-50s.

Tropical rainforests receive about 100 inches of rain per year. Temperate rainforests get from 75 to 140 inches of precipitation per year, which is sometimes in the form of snow. Tropical rainforests are found mostly near the equator, which is why they are hotter than temperate rainforests. Temperate rainforests are found along the northwestern coast of the United States and Canada, in New Zealand, and in Chile. As of 2014, logging threatens both types of rainforests. Logging in temperate forests can cause soil erosion, and logging in general threatens the entire world because rainforests absorb much of the world’s carbon dioxide.