What Is the Climate in the Eastern Woodlands?

The climate in the Eastern woodlands area of the United States is generally warm and temperate. This area of the country receives significant amounts of precipitation throughout the year. The Eastern woodlands is a geographic area that is made up of the Eastern states from the Atlanta coastline through Michigan, Indiana, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana.

The area defined as the Eastern woodlands is divided into smaller sub-regions of Northeastern woodlands and Southern woodlands. These two sub-regions experience variations in their climate that are different from the other. The Northeastern region is moderately wet all year, with copious amounts of freezing rain and snow throughout the winter months. The Southern region is also moderately wet year-round, but with milder winters that tend to last for shorter periods of time. The summer months are warm in both regions, but it is typically more humid throughout the Southeastern region. Throughout the region as a whole, the driest month is April and the month with the most precipitation is December. The hottest month in the Eastern woodlands is July, while the coldest month is January. The average temperature for the Eastern woodlands region is 48 F, and the average annual rainfall is 31.77 inches.