How Do You Check Your SunPass Account Balance?

Check your SunPass account balances by logging into your account on and using your PIN and either your account name, username or the first 12 digits of your transponder number. Alternatively, check your balance for free at any of more than 5,000 Cash Replenishments locations throughout Florida.

Some SunPass transponders emit a series of tones, high-low-high-low, as a reminder that funds are below $10 each time a SunPass lane is used, as of 2015. The Mini and eGoPlus Portable transponders do not do this, however. The program’s Easy Pay feature allows customers to link a credit card to the SunPass account to recharge the SunPass account automatically when it falls below a certain threshold. Both the minimum threshold and the amount charged can be set by the customer during the enrollment process.

Cash Replenishments locations include popular grocers, gas stations and convenience stores. While account inquiries are free, a small fee is charged to add funds to the SunPass account at these locations.