How Do You Check a Flight Ticket Confirmation?

To check a flight ticket confirmation, access the website of the airline or call them, and use the confirmation number printed on the itinerary to know the flight parameters and the seat numbers. In addition, print the boarding pass 24 hours prior to flight departure.

Once a flight ticket is booked, print the itinerary containing the confirmation number and keep it safe. If the ticket is booked several months in advance, check the website of the airline periodically for any changes concerning the ticket.

Approximately one day before the flight departure, access the airline’s website and type in the confirmation number in the relevant field. Alternatively, contact the airline over phone and provide the agent with this number to verify that the ticket is confirmed. Then, check if the flight parameters and the seat selection are correct. Also, verify that the biographical and trip information printed on the ticket are accurate.

To print the e-ticket or the boarding pass, access the website of the airline, open your itinerary, and click on the option that allows printing of the same.

Also, provide the airline with your contact details so that they may call you in case any changes are made in the seating or flight departure timings.