Can You Schedule a Personal Tour of Jay Leno’s Garage?

Personal tours of Jay Leno’s garage are not available to the general public. Photographs and videos of his car collection are available on NBC’s website,, and publications such as Speedhunters and The Los Angeles Times have published photographs of specially arranged private tours.

In addition to the photos and videos, NBC’s website dedicated to Jay Leno’s car collection hosts interviews, original articles written for the website, “Popular Mechanics” columns written by Jay Leno and exclusive downloads such as a calendar.

“Jay Leno’s Garage” is also the title of an Emmy-winning YouTube series starring Jay Leno. In this series, he reviews the cars and motorcycles in his collection. These cars include supercars, restored antique vehicles and sports cars. CNBC has turned the Web series into both a television special and a weekly television series. The special aired on CNBC in August 2014.

Jay Leno’s collection includes over 250 vehicles, including more than 150 automobiles and more than 100 motorcycles. Some of his more famous vehicles include a jet-powered motorcycle, steam-powered cars and a car with a gas turbine engine. While this collection is not open to the public, it is occasionally open to journalists, members of the media and historical researchers.