Where Can You Find a List of Vietnam War Veterans Online?

A comprehensive list of Vietnam War veterans is impossible to obtain, but the Vietnam War section of Military Indexes is an excellent online resource for the information that is available. This site contains a directory of links to online records related to many historical conflicts, including Vietnam.

There are many resources for finding lists of Vietnam War casualties, prisoners of war and soldiers missing in action, but there is no database of living Vietnam vets.

The National Archives has a great deal of information about Vietnam War veterans available online, including state-level lists of casualties and lists of prisoners of war and soldiers missing in action as a result of the Vietnam conflict. The National Archives has more information about Vietnam War veterans that is not online. To learn more about how to access this information, visit the National Archives online.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial provides a searchable database of names included on the Memorial, as well as lists of casualties. The American Folklife Center of the Library of Congress sponsors the Veterans History Project, which includes detailed first-hand accounts of war experiences, including those of Vietnam veterans. The National Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation is also a great resource for information for and about Vietnam War veterans.