Where Can You Find a List of Purple Heart Recipients From the Vietnam War?

Diego J. Robles/Denver Post/Getty Images

A list of all the soldiers who have received Purple Hearts can be found at the American War Library, both on and offline. The American War Library website allows user to input information into the system to find specific Purple Heart recipients, such as those that received the medal for their time in Vietnam.

A Purple Heart is a military award that is used to honor soldiers who have been seriously or fatally wounded. Soldiers who have received a wound, have been killed or died as a result of wounds that they received while serving the United States receive a Purple Heart for their service and dedication to the U.S. military.

The issuance of the Purple Heart is done by the president and is used for any soldier that was wounded for the U.S. military any time after 1917. The Purple Heart is an entitlement and is not used in the way that other decorations are used on soldiers. Higher ups will not recommend a Purple Heart for soldiers, but soldiers automatically receive it when they meet the criteria. If they have been harmed during combat, killed or wounded as a result of wartime or harmed during a peacekeeping assignment, the soldiers will automatically receive a Purple Heart.