How Can You Get a Boarding Pass From

To get a boarding pass from, you can check in online, then print the boarding pass. As of 2015, another option is to have an e-boarding pass sent to a mobile device, which you can use to check in at the airport without printing a paper boarding pass.

In order to get your boarding pass, select “Check In” from the homepage. Provide your flight confirmation number, ticket number, SkyMiles number or credit card number, as well as which airport you are flying from. When your flight information comes up, you can select your name, enter the number of bags you are checking in, and view or change your seats. You can then print the boarding pass directly from Another option is to print the boarding pass at the airport.

If you check in using your mobile device, an e-boarding pass option may be available, depending on what airport you are flying out of. To obtain an e-boarding pass, navigate to Delta’s mobile site on your mobile device, or install and open the FlyDelta application. Check in following the on-screen prompts, just as you would on the full webpage. Once you are checked in, you can view and access your boarding pass directly on your mobile device. You can also have it sent to your email or to your mobile device as a text message. At the airport, skip the check-in lines, go straight to security and show your boarding pass on your mobile device.