What Are Some Facts About Bluebell, Alabama?

Bluebell, Alabama, is a fictional town located on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and is the setting for the TV show “Hart of Dixie.” It is depicted in the series as a small town with lots of Southern hospitality. Rachel Bilson plays Zoe Hart, one of two doctors living in the town.

Not much else is known about Bluebell. Throughout the show, Bluebell is shown to have a charming, small-town atmosphere. It is the main setting for the events taking place on “Hart of Dixie,” which aired from 2011 to 2015 on the CW. For example, in season one of the show, Zoe Hart moves to the town to work with Dr. Harley Wilkes. When she arrives, she learns that he has passed away and left his half of the practice to her in his will. The other doctor in Bluebell is Dr. Brick Breeland. Other residents of Bluebell include Lemon Breeland, former football star and mayor Lavon Hayes, lawyer George Tucker and Zoe’s neighbor, neighbor Wade Kinsella.

Those who wish to learn more about Bluebell through watching the TV series can do so by going to the official website for the CW. Click on shows, then “Hart of Dixie” to view full episodes, short videos and other extras.