What Is the Biggest State in the USA?

The biggest state in the United States is Alaska, encompassing a total area of 665,384 sq mi. Alaska is more than twice the size of Texas, which is the second largest state.

Alaska covers a land territory of 570,641 sq mi and water area of 94,743 sq mi. It extends for 1,420 miles from north to south and 2,500 miles from east to west. Alaska’s coastline stretches for 6,640 miles, accounting for almost half of the country’s total coastline. Including the state’s surrounding islands, Alaska’s shoreline is measured at 33,904 miles.

Alaska contains around 99 times the inland waters of Texas, including around 3 million lakes that are more 871,200 sq ft in size. Alaska is also home to numerous glaciers, blanketing approximately 29,000 sq mi of the entire state.