What Does Australia Import and Export?

Paul Bica/CC-BY 2.0

Australia’s top imports include personal travel services, crude petroleum, passenger motor vehicles, refined petroleum, freight transport services, computers, gold, telecommunication equipment and parts, business travel expenses, furniture and many more. Australia’s top exports include iron ores and concentrates, coal, natural gas, crude petroleum, wheat, copper, aluminum, cotton, financial services, refined petroleum, wool and more.

Australia’s top 10 trading partners are China, Japan, the Republic of Korea, the United States, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and Malaysia. Australia imports more than $318 billion and exports nearly $329 billion.

The top-growing exports are: financial services at 51.7 percent growth; oil seeds and soft oleaginous fruits at 41.3 percent growth; and iron ores and concentrates at 27.6 percent growth. Total imports have grown by 1.5 percent recently, and have averaged 4.0 percent growth over the last five years. The top-growing imports are: heating and cooling equipment and parts at 41.8 percent growth; iron, steel and aluminum structures at 40.1 percent growth; and professional services at 39.1 percent growth.