What Animals Live in Tahiti?

The fauna of Tahiti is primarily composed of tropical birds and fish. There is a limited population of mammals, however none are indigenous to the islands.

Tahiti is known for its vast and colorful coral reefs, which serve as home to a wide variety of tropical fish, tiger sharks, manta rays, sea turtles and dolphins. An assortment of shrimp and nato fish can be found in the freshwater streams. Humpback whales occasionally migrate to the islands between June and October.

The islands of Tahiti have over 90 varieties of birds scattered across the various landmasses. Commonly seen is the Indian myna bird, which was brought to the South Pacific in the early 1900s in an attempt to control insects. Additionally, kingfishers, terns, Boobies, herons and noddies can be found across the island.

Land animals are the least common form of wildlife in Tahiti. Mammals were brought over by the early Polynesian settlers. Dogs, cats, chickens, pigs and rodents are found there. Larger mammals, such as feral goats, pigs, horses and cattle also inhabit the islands. There are also some varieties of bats, particularly fruit bats, known as “flying foxes.”

Insect control is managed by some land snakes and other lizards. Geckos are particularly common and adept in eating mosquitoes.