What Animals Live Near or on the Nile River?


There are a variety of animals that live near or on the Nile River, including the Nile crocodile, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, monitor lizard, perch, catfish, red-billed ibis and the pied kingfisher. The animal most synonymous with the Nile Rive may be the Nile crocodile.

This reptile, which is the largest in Africa, can reach a maximum length of 20 feet and weighs about 1,650 pounds. Its lifespan is nearly 45 years.

Since ancient times, the hippopotamus has lived near this river. Although this animal is endangered, a few may still visit the river.

Two other animals associated with the Nile River are the Nile monitor lizard and Nile perch. While the monitor lizard can be 7 feet in length, the Nile perch is a freshwater fish that can reach a maximum length of 6 1/2 feet.