What Are the Animals in the Central Plains of Texas?

Animals that live in the central plains of Texas include the armadillo, badger, various species of bats, the coyote, beavers, deer, gophers and javelinas. Some species of animals, such as bison, used to be widespread, but are now confined to small areas.

There are a total of 32 species of bat found in Texas, more than in any other U.S. state. Very few cat species still live in Texas; the most widespread is the bobcat. Chipmunks and squirrels are found throughout Texas, including in the central plains. White-tailed and mule deer are the most common deer in Texas. The gray and kit fox are native to Texas, but the red fox is often found in central Texas, having been introduced for sport.

Gophers, ground squirrels and prairie dogs are all commonly found in central Texas. The prairie dog was largely exterminated by ranchers over the years as it commonly destroyed crops. Rabbits are another common animal throughout the state. The black-tailed jackrabbit is the most common and is one of the fastest creatures in the country. The raccoon is also found all over Texas, especially in woodlands, and is largely nocturnal. Skunks roam throughout Texas, most notably the striped skunk.