What Are Some Anasazi Tools?

The Anasazi used scrapers, axes, knives and drills made of stone, as well as spindles, digging tools and paintbrushes made of wood, plant fiber and bone. They also used bows and arrows, spears and snares.

The Anasazi made pottery and stone cooking and eating implements, such as bowls, cups, cooking pots and ladles, and used friction from stone spindles to start cooking fires. They used a metate, a flat stone blade, to grind corn.

Anasazi people wove cloth by using wooden spindles and looms and used sewing needles made from bone with thread made from yucca fibers or sinew.

The Anasazi were farmers and used hoes, digging sticks and plant stakes made of wood. They used calendar markers with the sun to determine dates for planting and harvest time.