What Are Some Allegiant Air Destinations?

Eddie Maloney/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Allegiant Air offers a selection of destinations in the United States and Canada, including cities such as Austin, Texas, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Phoenix, Arizona. Other destinations include Tampa Bay, Florida, New Orleans, Louisiana and San Francisco, California.

Further examples of Allegiant Air destinations include Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Savannah, Georgia, Brownsville, Texas, Telluride, Colorado and Punta Gorda, Florida. Akron-Canton, Ohio, and Raleigh, North Carolina, are also served by Allegiant Airlines.

Allegiant Air is a low-cost airline company that operates charter and scheduled flights. All Allegiant Air flights are nonstop. The company does not offer connecting flights. Allegiant Air does not usually offer daily flights for its destinations but operates on a two-to-four-flights-a-week schedule. The company focuses on connecting small- and medium-sized U.S. cities. Some of the flights operated by Allegiant Air are yearly, whereas others are seasonal.

To keep the fares low, Allegiant Airlines offers various services as fee-paid options. These optional services include seat assignments, checked baggage, priority upgrades, oversize baggage and carry-on bags. Passengers can book their check-in bags in advance to take advantage of reduced rates. A personal item, such as a purse, laptop bag or briefcase, is allowed free of charge for each passenger.