What Are the Advantages of Digital Technology?

Advantages of digital technology include easy access to information, improved communication and convenience in education. Digital technology promotes innovation and creativity, and typically ensures efficiency and productivity. In addition, digital technology has improved the delivery of services in business and health industries.

Digital technology has reduced the cost of sharing information. The use of the Internet is effective for teachers to transmit notes to students, and also to connect with other teachers. This expands access to knowledge and opportunity. When students access lecture notes prior to the lesson, the lesson may be more interactive and interesting.

The Internet and other kinds of technology also allow students to access extra information that may not have been covered in class. Similarly, it’s cheaper for learning institutions to subscribe to online journals compared to purchasing printed books. The Internet has tremendously lowered barriers to information by making it possible for researchers to share their discoveries and publications online.

In addition, keeping digital records in hospitals allows for easier retrieval than manual records. Digital information is also secure in case of theft or fire. The use of electronic banking is convenient, as it allows account holders to make transactions in the comfort of their homes.