What Are Some Achievements of the Akkadian Empire?

The Akkaidian Empire achieved many firsts in recorded human history, including the first postal system, good roadways between cities, the first empire and the first dynasty. Sargon was the first ruler of the Akkadian Empire in 2350 B.C. and passed on leadership of the empire to his sons. The empire consolidated power and crushed revolts for 200 years before falling to outside invaders.

Sargon established the empire in northern Mesopotamia after several city states allied together. When the Sumerian city state of Uruk attacked Sargon’s home of Akkad, Sargon fought back and eventually conquered all Mesopotamia to create what became the world’s first empire.

Akkadian kings established the first standardized system of weights and measures to unite commerce in the new empire. To mark the passage of time, Akkadians created the first pattern of naming years. This year-naming system also served to keep accurate records for accounting purposes.

Naram Sin, Sargon’s grandson, ruled for more than 50 years and created the concept of kingship. Naram Sin believed himself to be a god and therefore ruled with a divine right. At the height of its prominence under Sargon’s grandson, the Akkaidian Empire stretched from the Mediterranean Sea to Iran and from Turkey in the north to Arabia in the south.