What Are Some Ways to Get a Free SunPass Transponder?

To order a free SunPass transponder, visit the SunPass Tag Swap website or call the toll-free Tag Swap number. Free SunPass toll payment transponders are available to existing SunPass users as part of the Transponder Replacement Program. Those eligible for a free transponder who wish to continue using the SunPass toll system must replace older battery-operated transponders as of Jan. 1, 2016.

SunPass is an toll road payment program that automatically deducts the correct toll amount from the user’s prepaid account. Drivers must attach the transponder to the inside of the windshield, so it is able to transmit payment data to the radio sensors in designated SunPass toll lanes. New users purchase either a portable transponder or mini sticker transponder. Benefits of the updated transponder include SunPass Plus Airport Parking and Easy Pay.

Those who receive a free new SunPass transponder should remove the batteries from the old device and dispose of it at a recycling center or mail it to the SunPass Tag Swap Center for proper disposal. Users may access an 18-month transaction history for the new device either through a mobile device or SunPass.com. The new pass also allows users to pay for out-of-state tolls in compatible states through the same SunPass account.