What Ten States Have the Warmest Weather?

Josh Staiger/CC-BY 2.0

As of 2015, the 10 states with the warmest weather year-round are Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, Arkansas and Arizona. The states with the warmest weather during the winter is nearly the same, except Arkansas is out and California is in.

The 10 states with the warmest weather differ slightly depending on the season. For instance, while Oklahoma is fourth on the list for the summer months, it doesn’t appear in the top 10 during either the winter or for year-round temperatures. California is only one of the warmest states during the winter. Hawaii is the hottest state during the summer and second for year-round temperatures, but not in the top 10 during the summer. Eight of the 10 warmest states year-round are on the list for both the winter and the summer seasons, with Arkansas and Hawaii not making the list.

Louisiana is third on the list in both year-round temperatures and during the winter, but moves up to first during the summer, in which its hot temperatures beat out both Texas and Florida. Mississippi stays fairly consistently in the middle of the top 10. It is the sixth warmest state year-round and during the winter, and the fifth warmest state during the summer. Likewise, Alabama is the seventh warmest state in the first two categories and the eighth during the summer. Arizona is the only state to stay in the same spot at number 10 for all three categories.