In Which States Is Snowfall Rare?

It is rare to have snowfall in states such as California and Florida, but California had some snowfall in the years 2011 and 2014. Some Southern states, such as Louisiana and Georgia, also rarely receive snowfall.

Hawaii is also a state that rarely sees snow, but the unpredictable weather in the Pacific Ocean forces winter storms on occasion. Out of all 50 states, Florida is the least likely to receive snow. Typical yearly snowfall for Florida, California and Hawaii is zero inches. Other states with low snowfall include Alabama with 0.8 inches per year, Arizona with 0.3 inches per year, Georgia with 0.7 inches per year, and South Carolina with 0.3 inches per year.

New England and Midwestern states often receive heavy annual snowfall. Maine has an average of 27.8 inches of snowfall per year, while Ohio boasts 30.4 inches. The Pacific Northwest has heavy snowfalls as well, such as North Dakota with 45.2 inches. Many states receive marginal snowfall. For example, Oklahoma receives only 5.6 inches per year, Texas 1.3 inches and Kansas 10.0 inches. The state with the heaviest annual snowfall in the United States is New York with 66.4 inches per year, and Vermont is in second place at 54.4 inches.