When Is Spain's Independence Day Celebrated?

spain-s-independence-day-celebrated Credit: Mariya Prokopyuk/CC-BY 2.0

Spaniards celebrate the Day of Madrid on the second of May each year. This day commemorates the rebellion of the Spaniards against occupying French military forces, which happened on May 2, 1808.

The 1808 events were part of the military efforts of Napoleon, who was the French ruler at that time. The Spanish resistance took place in the area of Madrid. Although this rebellion was eventually suppressed, it was a significant precursor to the Spanish War of Independence. This conflict lasted until 1814 and included a full-scale French invasion of Spain.

The other significant national day for Spanish citizens takes place annually on October 12 and is called National Day. On this date in 1492, Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus discovered America. The year 1492 was also significant for Spain because it marked the seizure of important Spanish lands, such as Grenada.