How Do You Sign up for Caesars’ Total Return?

Employees can sign up for Caesars’ Total Return rewards program through the website. Total Return is an online recognition reward program for Caesars’ employees. Employees register on the site using their employee numbers and password.

Total Returns covers every division of the entertainment company’s services. Each department has a unique recognition plan. There are plans for service staff, supervisors, managers and other employees.

Rewards are offered as points towards gifts and vacations from Caesars Entertainment company.

The reward plans cover several areas of service within the company such as gaming, restaurant service and hotel services. The company looks for suggestions from its staff when finding ways to reduce its environmental footprint while still supplying a good hotel experience. The employee wellness program offers advice on healthy living, savings plans and personal counseling.

The highest honor, the Chairman’s Award, is given once a year to a supervisor or manager. Employees who receive this reward are recognized for the support they give their staff. The award also recognizes creativity in innovative ways to improve services and speed up processes.

A study by Hospitality Net found that recognition in the form of events, travel and points provided more incentive to employees than cash rewards.