What Is the Seating Chart for an Airbus A330?

The seating chart for the Airbus A330 typically features up to eight rows of flat bed business seats in a one-two-one configuration, followed by 22 rows of economy seats in a two-four-two arrangement. Seating charts vary according to the airline and aircraft model, but all feature two aisles.

American Airways and Delta Airlines each fly two different versions of the Airbus A330. The Delta Airbus A330-200 seating chart features four rows of Delta Comfort seats between the eight rows of business class seats and the 21 rows of economy seats. By contrast, the US Airways A330-200 offers five rows of business class seats and 30 rows of economy seats. The number and locations of restrooms also vary according to each seating chart. Travel sites SeatGuru.com and SeatMaestro.com offer examples of different Airbus A330 seating charts.