How Do You Renew an Iranian Passport?

Iranian passports can be renewed by paying the necessary fees and filling out an application. Providing relevant documents to the Iranian embassy or other official government agencies is also necessary.

Passports can only be renewed if the previous passport has expired, there are no more blank pages in the passport and the owner has evidence of a legal name change or change of birth date, if necessary. If these criteria cannot be met, a new passport must be purchased.

For people with passports issued after 2008 who meet the criteria, the Iranian Embassy requires a completed application form, original copies of birth certificates for all travelers, 3- by 4-centimeter passport photos taken within the past six months and a photocopy of the residence permit card. All of the relevant fees must be paid to the consular section of the embassy using a PIN machine.

Applicants with passports older than 2009 must provide the original passport and a photocopy, as well as a completed change of residence form. An original and photocopy of the Certificate of Completion of Military Service or Exemption from Service is also necessary, as well as 3- by 4-centimeter passport photos taken within the past six months.