What Are Some Prominent City Abbreviations?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Mar 28, 2020 8:23:46 AM ET

As of 2015, London, New York, Hong Kong, Paris, Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo, Beijing, Sydney and Dubai are the world’s most prominent cities, according to the Globalization and World Cities study. The respective abbreviations for those cities are LDN, NYC, PAR, SGP, SHG, TYO, BJ, SYD and DXB.

Unlike countries, cities generally do not have a single universal standard for abbreviations, so there are many variants. The abbreviations for London, England, are LON or LDN. The abbreviations for New York, New York, are NY and NYC, though the latter is most frequently used to differentiate New York City from the state of New York.

The most common abbreviation for Hong Kong is HK. The most common abbreviation for Paris, France, is PAR. The most common abbreviation for Singapore is SGP, but SG can also be used. The most common abbreviation for Shanghai, China, is SHG. The abbreviation SH is also used for Shanghai, along with the official Chinese abbreviation, HU.

The most common abbreviations for Tokyo, Japan, are TYO and TY. The official Latin abbreviation for Beijing, China, is BJ. The most common abbreviation for Sydney, Australia, is SYD. The most common abbreviation for Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, is DXB.