How Do You Print a Boarding Pass for Southwest Airlines?

To print a boarding pass for Southwest Airlines, log in to the airline’s website,, 24 hours prior to the flight’s departure time, click the Check In link from the home page, and enter your first and last names and confirmation number for the light before clicking the Check In button. Confirm the information displayed on the screen, print the pass, and bring the pass with you to the airport.

Printing a boarding pass is only possible for travelers with confirmation numbers. If you do not have a confirmation number for your flight, you must check in at the airport through the normal route.

Upon arrival at the airport, if you do not have any bags to check, you can forego stopping at the check-in desk and head straight to the security check-in station to present your boarding pass. If you are checking luggage, present the boarding pass to the check-in desk personnel. In some airports, curbside attendants can accept the printed boarding pass instead.

If you provided an email address when booking your flight with Southwest Airlines, look for an email from the airline 24 hours prior to your departure. This email notifies you of your ability to print the boarding pass and contains a link to the online check-in portal. If you opted for Southwest’s Early Bird Check-In program during your ticket purchase, the airline automatically checks you in 36 hours prior to your flight, and you can print the pass at home 24 hours before the flight’s departure or obtain the boarding pass from an attendant at the airport.

Southwest Airlines requires each passenger to have a boarding pass and arrive at the gate at least 10 minutes before the flight takes off. Printing the boarding pass at home ensures you have the pass ready so you don’t miss this window.