What Ocean Beaches Are Closest to Kentucky?

ocean-beaches-closest-kentucky Credit: fran.trudeau/CC-BY-SA 2.0

The closest major ocean beaches to Kentucky are the beaches in Atlantic City, Myrtle Beach and Virginia Beach. The distances vary depending from where in Kentucky a person travels, but if a person were to travel from Lexington, he would need to travel about 519 miles to reach Virginia Beach, about 691 miles to reach Atlantic City and roughly 503 miles to reach Myrtle Beach.

Kentucky is closer to the beaches of the Great Lakes than it is to the ocean. Lexington is roughly 323 miles from Chicago and 331 miles from Cleveland, which border Lake Michigan and Lake Erie, respectively.

Those who choose to go farther to reach a beach that borders an ocean may choose a beach based on what can be found in Atlantic City, Myrtle Beach and Virginia Beach. Atlantic City is known as a resort town that features several casinos. As is often true with resort cities with casinos, Atlantic City is also filled with a variety of attractions, including shopping, golfing and entertainment venues. Myrtle Beach has more than 400 hotels that are able to accommodate nearly 100,000 visitors. Virginia Beach's main attraction is a three-mile boardwalk that is home to many hotels, restaurants and entertainment options.