What Ocean Beaches Are Closest to Kentucky?

By Staff WriterLast Updated May 27, 2020 7:32:32 PM ET
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Kentucky is far from any ocean beaches, with the closest ocean being the Atlantic. Depending on the location in Kentucky, one of the closest beaches is Myrtle Beach, SC. It’s roughly a nine-hour drive and is nearly 600 miles away from Lexington. Read on to learn more about the distance of other ocean beaches from Kentucky, and what other swimming and recreation areas are within the state.

What Are More Atlantic Ocean Beaches?

Other ocean beaches closest to Kentucky include Atlantic City and Virginia Beach. From Lexington, Virginia Beach, VA, is also about a nine-hour trip and is close to 600 miles. The distance between Atlantic City, NJ and Lexington is close to 700 miles. This makes it about a 10-hour trip.

 Distance to the Great Lake

sKentucky is actually much closer to the Great Lakes area than any ocean beaches. While not ocean beaches, there are many recreation and swimming areas surrounding the Great Lakes. The distance to Cleveland, OH, which borders the Great Lakes, is roughly five hours. While this is probably too long for a day trip on its own, it’s a much closer distance than an ocean beach. The distance to the Great Lakes area in Michigan, particularly the northernmost tip, is much farther.

 Distance to the Pacific Ocea

nKentucky’s proximity to Pacific Ocean beaches is much farther than Atlantic Ocean beaches. However, with the right amount of planning, it’s still a driveable trip. To cross the distance between Lexington and San Francisco, CA, a person would need to commit to roughly 35 hours of driving. The distance to San Diego, CA, is similar and is roughly 32 hours.

 Are There Beaches in Kentucky

?There are quite a few beaches and
recreation areas in Kentucky. Because Kentucky does not border water, these swimming areas are in the form of state parks, lakes, and resorts. Although they’re not ocean beaches, these beaches can be fun for the family. They’re also a much closer drive, as they are within the state. 

What Are Some Lakes or Beaches in Kentucky

?While there are quite a few beaches and lakes in Kentucky, here are a few popular spots for summer fun

  • :Cherokee State Park is in Aurora, KY, and is a family-friendly park that borders Kentucky Lake. It offers swimming, fishing, hiking, and more
  • Green River is in the eastern part of the state. This is a forested area with swimming and hiking.
  • The Moors Resort is in Gilbertsville. It’s a perfect destination for the family or for a getaway.
  • Barren River Lake is in the southern portion of the state. It offers swimming and hiking. Visitors will also find camping spots and cabins as well.

.There are also many other small beaches, lakes, and parks throughout the state. While
Cumberland Falls State Park does not offer swimming in the falls, it has an Olympic-sized pool for guests. Cumberland Falls is home to the largest waterfall in the U.S., other than Niagra Falls.