How Do You Find the Nearest Shell Gas Station?

Hannah Peters/Getty Images News/Getty Images

To find the nearest Shell gas station, use the Online Shell Station Locator tool that is available on, as of June 2015. The locator is also available on the Shell Motorist application.

Visit the home page and click on Products & Services. On the drop-down menu that appears on the next page, click On the Road. On the next drop-down menu, click on Shell Station Locator, then click on Online Shell Station Locator. Select your country. If the next page prompts you to share your location, click Share Location.

The map provides Shell gas station locations based on your computer’s location. You can also enter a location, such as an address or ZIP code, and perform a search for stations near that location. Click on a Shell icon on the map to display information about that station, including the address, fuel types available, and services and amenities. The locator offers multiple search filters, including fuel type, such as Shell nitrogen enriched gasolines and diesel, and services, such as a car wash or convenience store. Add a station to the route planner to get directions.

The Shell Motorist application is available through iTunes and Google Play. It tracks the user’s transactions and reward points.