What Are the Natural Resources of Puerto Rico?

Buyenlarge/Archive Photos/Getty Images

The natural resources of Puerto Rico include minerals, stone, sand, ocean waters, tree and crude oil. Another natural resource is the fertile land that is used to grow various crops. Puerto Rico’s natural resources are abundant, and the area facilitates many export businesses because of these resources.

The two main minerals found in Puerto Rico are nickel and copper. These minerals are mined and then used in various manufacturing processes, both in Puerto Rico and in other areas of the world. Construction companies use gravel, stone and sand gathered in Puerto Rico for various projects, such as building homes and businesses. Many tourists love the beaches of Puerto Rico, which are also where fish gather for an abundant food supply. Not only does the area supply large quantities of seafood, it also provides access to a large store of crude oil, which is drilled in the ocean waters. This provides jobs and fuel for Puerto Rico’s citizens.

The farmlands have soil that is rich in nutrients, allowing nearly year-round growth of various crops. Some of the world’s supply of pineapples, coffee, sugarcane and bananas comes from Puerto Rico. Trees for firewood and timber for building are also abundant in the forests.