What Is the National Animal of Paraguay?

De Agostini/Getty Images/De Agostini/Getty Images

The national animal of Paraguay is the pampas fox, and the national bird is the bare-throated bellbird. The pampas fox is between 20 and 32 inches long, the average being 25 inches. The average tail length is 13 inches, and the animal’s weight is between 5.3 and 17.6 pounds.

The scientific name for the pampas fox is Pseudalopex gymnocercus, and there are five recognized subspecies. The pampas fox prefers tall grasslands and open habitats at elevations below 3,200 feet. It has also been known to inhabit wetland areas, chaco forests and dry scrubland. The pampas fox is commonly found in Uruguay and parts of Bolivia as well as southern Brazil, central and northern Argentina and, of course, Paraguay.