What Is the National Animal of the Dominican Republic?

The national animal of the Dominican Republic is the Palm Chat. The small songbird is found in abundance on the island nation.

Palm Chats are found in large groups and typically nest on top of Royal Palm trees. They are olive brown on top with brown streaks on their bottoms and have large yellow bills. Noisy birds, they sing and squawk constantly to communicate with each other.

Other Dominican Republic Facts:

  • National Tree: The Dominican Republic’s national tree is the Mahogany.
  • National Flower: The Rose of Bayahibe is a cactus flower that is currently endangered.
  • National Stone: Amber is the Dominican Republic’s national stone.
  • Industry: Major industry in the Dominican Republic includes tourism, sugar processing, and textiles.
  • Exports: Major exports from the Dominican Republic include sugar, gold, nickel, and coffee.