What Is the Name of the River That Runs Through Paris?

gnuckx/CC-BY 2.0

The long river that runs through Paris, France is the Seine River. The Seine River originates west of the city of Dijon in northwestern France. The river travels northwest through Paris and eventually drains into the English Channel .

The Seine River is impressive in sight and scope; it spans an area of 485 miles and has numerous tributaries for extensive drainage. The Seine River holds historical significance for France, and is vital for the country’s economical health, as commercial riverboats make use of its water. In addition, the river is home to various energy sources, including both thermal and nuclear power stations that are vital to the region.

Unfortunately, when the Paris sewerage systems overflow due to rain, the river takes on the excess unclean water. This results in increased bacteria rates as well as high concentrations of heavy metal in the Seine’s waters. Flooding of the river itself is also a problem. Past floods have led to the relocation of many works of art, which are generally kept in storage underground. A severe flood would not only fill those storage areas with water, but also hinder gas and electricity sources for many individuals living in Paris.