What Is Morocco’s National Flower?

There is no officially appointed national flower of Morocco. However, the country has multitudes of flowering plants and hosts a Rose Festival each spring in the Vallée des Roses (Valley of Roses) in the High Atlas Mountains.

The Moroccan flowering plants include hollyhock, jasmine, iris, marigold, asphodel, lupine and crocus. Other popular plants include mint, oleander and indigenous Moroccan broom with pineapple-scented flowers. Additionally, there are decorative trees in Moroccan cities and towns, including mimosa, calodendrum, jacaranda and passionflower.

The center of the Rose Festival, which usually takes place in May, is the small town of El-Kelaâ M’Gouna. This three-day festival draws around 20,000 people each year who can visit rosewater factories and buy countless genuine rose products.