How Many Tolls Are on I-95?

There are 15 toll sections of Interstate Highway 95 along the length of its run from Maine to Florida, as of 2015. Some toll sections are set at a specific toll price for a set section of highway in a certain state. Other states have a toll placed on the entire section of the road in that state, and the toll may vary depending on the number of miles traveled and the amount of traffic on the road.

Maine and New Hampshire have two sections each of pay turnpikes on I-95. Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut have no toll sections. New York has three toll sections, but the George Washington Bridge toll road has three different fees depending on the time of day and whether the user pays at a booth or has an E-ZPass.

The New Jersey Turnpike is one toll section but has four different possible fees, including the E-ZPass, peak hour, senior citizen and green vehicle discounts. Pennsylvania has no toll sections.

Delaware has the Delaware Memorial Bridge and the Delaware Turnpike, while Maryland charges for the John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway section and both the Ft. McHenry and Baltimore Harbor Tunnels.

North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia have no tolls, while Virginia and Florida have managed tolls on the entire length of I-95 in each state. Managed toll sections offer discounted or free lanes for carpoolers or high-occupancy vehicles, and the fees on the other lanes are based on the distance traveled and the amount of traffic on the highway.