How Many Pieces of Luggage Are Allowed on Delta Airlines?

Lester Lefkowitz/Stone/Getty Images

As of 2015, Delta Airlines allows passengers to check up to 10 bags on Delta or Delta Shuttle flights and up to four bags on Delta Connection carrier flights. Delta may limit the amount of excess baggage if it prevents other passengers from transporting two pieces of baggage.

Delta Connection flights only accept excess baggage if space is available and may send it on a later flight. Excess baggage fees vary by destination but are as high as $285 per bag, as of 2015. Each piece of baggage that violates baggage restrictions is subject to standby rules and a fee structure that applies a fee for each restriction violated. For example, if a piece of baggage exceeds weight, size and quantity restrictions, Delta charges three separate fees for that one piece. Fees apply for each bag and for flights in each direction.