How Many Islands Does Greece Claim?

Artie Photography (Artie Ng)/Moment/Getty Images

Greece claims just over 6,000 islands. Located in the Ionian and Aegean seas, only 1,200 of Greece’s islands are large enough for habitation. Of the 1,200, only 22 of them actually have inhabitants.

Greece boasts four well known islands: Crete, Lesbos, Rhodes, and Santorini.

  • Crete is the fifth-largest island in the Mediterranean overall. It is home to more than 600,000 residents as of 2014 and is defined by the mountains that cross it from west to east.
  • Lesbos is Greece’s third-largest island, and it is home to roughly 86,000 residents as of 2014. The island is known for its olive oil.
  • Rhodes is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean. Steeped in history, the island was the home of the Colossus of Rhodes.
  • Santorini is a small island that is home to only 15,000 residents as of 2014, but it is one of the most picturesque Greek islands.