How Many Cities Are There in the United States?


There are 310 cities in the United States with a population of 100,000 or more, according to 2018 US Census figures. These cities range in size from the 100K residents in Vacaville, CA to the nearly 8.4 million people living in New York, America’s most populous city. But these 310 cities make up a small fraction of the nearly 19,500 total number of incorporated cities, towns, villages and boroughs across the U.S. 

The United States has historically been a nation of small towns and villages. That still holds true today. From the incorporated places across the country, three-quarters (14,768) have populations of less than 5,000 people and almost 50 percent have less than 1,000 people as of 2018.

On the other hand, the march toward further urbanization continues. In 2018, there were 127 million people who lived in cities with 50,000 or more residents. That’s about 40 percent of the overall U.S. population. Read on to learn more about small and large US cities and what factors affect their population.