How Do You Make Online Payments for Orange Lake Resorts?

You can make online payments for Orange Lake Resorts by creating an online account through the Orange Lake Resorts website. Once the online account is established, you can view pending bills and make payments through your account.

If you own a timeshare at Orange Lake Resorts, you must contribute to the shared expenses of maintaining the property. Expenses include keeping the villas updated with new kitchen equipment, bathroom accessories and furnishings. The buildings, property grounds and other amenities, such as the golf course, pools and restaurants, need maintenance, and owners contribute to those needs as well. These fees are billed separately from your real estate taxes.

Owners are billed whether or not they visit the resort that year. As of 2015, the billing is set up to be billed annually for each unit you own, usually billed in November and due by Jan. 1st. The fees are not prorated, and you are responsible for the full amount, beginning with your first year of occupancy. You have the option to finance your first year of maintenance fees, which means you won’t receive a bill for the first year of occupancy, and your first bill is due at the beginning of your second year of ownership.