What Are the Major Industries of Colorado?

Colorado’s major industries include the service, agriculture, manufacturing and mining industries. There are many sub-industries that fall under these main types. The service industry is the largest with most of the state’s revenue coming from this industry.

The service industry includes tourism. The majority of those who visit Colorado do so to ski or snowboard during the winter and to hike the mountains during the summer. Other services include medical, legal, software development and engineering. The financial, real estate and insurance services are a big part of Colorado’s economy. As of 2014, Denver is a major financial hub for the United States.

The main agricultural commodity in Colorado is cattle. They graze on the mountainside and are then sold for meat. Many dairy products are also obtained from the cattle as well. Other agricultural resources for Colorado include chicken, eggs, lamb and pork. Non-livestock agricultural industries include the farming of corn, beans, potatoes and sugar beets.

Many communications equipment and computers are manufactured in Colorado along with clothing, beer and soft drinks.

When it comes to mining, Colorado enjoys an abundance of natural gas, coal and oil. However, there are some mineral and precious metals mined here as well. Copper, zinc, limestone, gravel, gold and silver are mined in Colorado.