What Is Ireland Famous For?

Trish Punch/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

Ireland is famous for its music, folk dancing, verdant landscape, and production of beer and whiskey. Another notable source of Ireland’s fame is its rich mythological tradition. Many tourists flock to Ireland to view its scenic castles and historic ruins, and the most famous is Blarney Castle, home to the Blarney Stone. According to Irish tradition, this flat slab purportedly blesses those who hang upside down and kiss it.

Dublin receives more visitors than all other Irish cities. It is the home of the Book of Kells, a lavishly illustrated, illuminated manuscript containing the four gospels. Dublin is also home to the Guinness Storehouse, a popular tourist destination with special significance for beer aficionados. The seven-story structure includes a museum, a bar and a large shop.

Ireland contains three World Heritage Sites, including the huge Neolithic complex called Brú na Bóinne. Located in County Meath, Brú na Bóinne features a vast assortment of imposing monoliths, subterranean burial chambers and other remnants of the ancient Celts who inhabited the area thousands of years before the birth of Christ.

Nature enthusiasts enjoy visiting Killarney National Park, the oldest in Ireland. It contains the only remaining wild herd of red deer, the largest mammals native to Ireland. According to Killarney National Park, its most popular spots include Ross Castle, the Torc Waterfall, the Yew Woodlands and the sprawling Oak Woodlands.