What Are Some Interesting Facts About Europe for Kids?

Some interesting facts about Europe for kids are that the continent of Europe is slightly larger than the United States and that all European countries use the Euro, except for the United Kingdom and Switzerland. Another interesting fact is that there are no deserts in Europe.

There are 43 countries in Europe, and the continent has a total population of approximately 738 million. Kids may be interested to know that the biggest country in Europe is Russia, which some people assume is partly in Asia. The Ural Mountains divide Europe and Asia, a division created by the Greeks.

Europe previously had many independent unions that collapsed in the last century, creating many of the countries that exist today. Vatican City in Rome is the smallest remaining independent union.

The longest river in Europe is the Volga River in Russia. The largest city in Europe is Paris, and the most popular tourist attraction in Europe is Disneyland Paris. Other large cities include Moscow, London and Istanbul. Greenland, the world’s largest island, is considered part of North America, but is the property of Denmark.

Also of interest is that Europe was named for a princess of Greek mythology, Europa, who was kidnapped by Zeus.