Where Is Iceland on a World Map?

Iceland can be found near the top of the world map: east of Greenland, west of Norway and south of the Arctic Circle. Iceland is located in the North-Atlantic Ocean, just south of the Greenland Sea.

Iceland is the second-largest island in the North-Atlantic Ocean, with 39,769 square miles of land mass. Its latitude and longitude is 65° 00′ N and 18° 00′ W on a world map. Iceland is a part of Europe, making it the furthest west European country.

Due in part to how close it is to the Arctic Circle, Iceland has a fairly cold climate, with average temperatures ranging from 27 F to 57 F. It is also moderately cloudy for nearly 90 percent of the year, and experiences rainfall or snowfall nearly for 80 percent of the year.

While Iceland is too far south of the Arctic Circle to experience polar days and nights, the phenomenon of 24 hours of daylight and no daylight respectively, it does experience more daylight during the summer and less daylight during the winter than countries that aren’t near the Arctic Circle. Iceland can have daylight for as long as 21 hours and 11 minutes during the summer, and as little as 4 hours and 8 minutes during the winter.