What Is the Hottest Desert in the World?

Kaveh Kazemi/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Lut Desert is the hottest desert on Earth, based on satellite calculations that measure the land skin temperature of the entire surface of the planet. The 2005 reading of the Lut Desert was 159.3 degrees Fahrenheit. The Lut Desert is located in the southeast of Iran.

Other hottest temperature records of deserts include a reading of 136 degrees Fahrenheit taken in the Saharan town of El Azizia on Sept. 13, 1922. Prior to that, the record was 134 degrees Fahrenheit, held by the region of Death Valley in the Mojave Desert, found in eastern California. That measurement was taken on July 10, 1913. Other hot deserts include the Gobi and the Sonoran deserts.